Lessons learned from our first Carboot Sale


Our stall

On Easter Monday we packed up two cars and headed to the Blarney Carboot Sale. We’ve heard many say this is the best carboot sale in Cork. Blarney has carboot sales on every bank holiday Monday. Last October’s had been cancelled due to the weather, the previous August’s was a wash out so there was a clear hunger in the Blarney area for a good carboot sale. We’d been once before in 2012 and got a great spot at 4am. The fame of the Blarney Carboot has obviously grown – the best spots were gone by the previous day this time round!

We made €500 for our day’s work! At the moment we’re fundraising for our scholarship programme. Students we’ve known since 2005 are heading to college in October 2017 and we’d love to help them out. They’ve defied the odds by staying in education this long, and many work two jobs and have to convince family members to allow them stay in school. We’re hoping to give 10 students an annual stipend of €350 to pay for tuition fees and books.