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Our school is growing all the time – and we’re looking for people who would like to join our team and spend some time teaching the students. We are currently looking for someone who could teach Maths, Science and English.

In a typical day in our school students spend 1.5 hours learning the practical subjects (cooking, knitting, electronics, plumbing, carpentry, confectionery, paper and card making to name a few). Then, from 10.30 – 12.00 and from 12.45 – 2.30 they learn English, Home Science, Environmental Studies and Computers. The older students do Business and Social Studies and the younger classes do Maths. We’d love people to visit the school for an hour or so a day and teach new subjects to the students. There is a big demand for Science in our school, and we’d like to try Maths with the higher students.

It would also be great to find someone who has experience teaching English as a foreign language. English is essential for our students for employment and for those going on to further study.

If any local person in Shillong would like to help out please contact us at friendsofprovidence AT gmail DOT com or use the Contact Us form on the main page.

International volunteers are also welcome if they’d be willing to stay in Shillong for the duration of the school year (or shorter in the case of TEFL classes). We also have 2-3 week trips every summer for people who would like to experience life at the school, get involved with the various trades and teach English. Contact us for more information!