We’re always looking for new ways to fundraise. In the summer of 2017 Claire finally did what she had long spoken of and wrote a book! We were expecting something deep and meaningful about her summers working in India…..instead she wrote a workbook for Transition Year students of Irish.

The book is an activity based book, with inspiration taken from Spanish and French books, CSPE, and lots of games borrowed from TEFL books. Students have to undertake a range of tasks over the 100 pages. There’s even a Russian picture-sequence and the 1985 inter-cert exam to complete! The book has been used since September 2017 and has been very well received.

Most of the activities are things Claire did in her quest to teach English as a second language and to learn Russian (don’t ask her to prove she speaks Russian…).

The eventual aim is to get 10 schools using our book. If we manage this, we could pay the entire food bill for the school for a year. The students get a hot meal every day in school, and for most it’s their mail meal of the day.

If you’d like to get in touch and order the book use the Contact Us form. It’s €12 plus P&P (usually come to €14.80 overall). You can order in bulk (and we will send you a present from Shillong as thanks) or you can order one copy. But we would really like if you’d order a class set. You could even use the book to support the school and then organise a school trip to Providence! Contact us for more information on volunteering and cultural exchange between our school and yours.

You can see photos of the book below. Please use the contact us form on the main page to order a copy! Thanks.